Short Term Disability

The Decatur County School System offers their employee’s, Voluntary Short Term Disability Benefits with a waiting period of 0 days for a injury and 7 days for a sicknessThese benefits may last up to 6 months. In the event you are hospitalized, your benefits will start immediately. Inpatient means a insured who is physically confined in a hospital for an overnight stay.

          The minimum monthly benefit is $50 a week . There is a 3 Month Pre-X Conditions limit. Please see Summary of Insurance below for definitions.

          Benefits start at a minimum of $50 a week and may go up to $5,000 a month based on your salary. (Please see chart for Salary & Premiums). The Guarantee Issue limit for new employees is up to $2,166.00 Benefit.

Please Submit all claims to:

Policy # 934231

Sun Life Financial
P O Box 972030
El Paso, Texas 79997-2030
Fax : 816-556-7687

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Short Term Disability Enrollment Forms

Short Term Disability Enrollment Forms

Sun Life Financial – 01-01-2020
Short Term Disability Application Kit
Short Term Disability Application Kit On-Line Enroll_button
Short Term Disability Claim Form – Sun Life
Short Term Disability Rate Grid – Sun Life

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