Group Term Life

         We offer Group Term Life Insurance with the Board of Education. You may apply for new coverage on yourself (employee) up to $150,000 Guaranteed Issue or 7 times your salary. If you are a current employee, then you will need to answer medical questions for underwriting. If you have coverage and it is under $150,000, you may increase the coverage by $10,000 each year during open enrollment  guaranteed up to a max benefit of $150,000 total, this applies to both Employee & Spouse  and up to $150,000 for Spouse. You may purchase up to $500,000 or 5 times salary as the maximum benefit under the plan.

          Coverage is available to your spouse based on the same rates as an employee and up to the same amount of coverage selected for the employee. Children may be added for $3.00 a month for $15,000 coverage. $3.00 for all Children. Children are considered covered now to Age 21 or to Age 25 if enrolled in a full time in a college. Please remember to drop children coverage when your children are no longer eligible! Please also request us to drop your Spouse coverage if you become divorced. ( Please see Life Policy definitions of Marriage and Children for specific wordage ).

        You may add Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) on a Voluntary basis in addition to Term Life. An Employee can purchase up to $500,000 at .03 per 1,000 and 50% on a Spouse at .03 per 1,000. Click on AD&D for Application.

You may apply for coverage up to 7 times your salary. A Physical Exam may be required based on underwriting for amounts over $150,000 and for certain medical conditions. You may apply up to a maximum of $500,000. The 1st $50,000 is Pre-taxed.


See Forms Below

Group Term Life Enrollment Forms

Humana Enrollment Application
Humana Enrollment Application EOI
Humana PAL Change Form
Humana Life Contract – Policy
Humana Enrollment Application – Online 
Humana Enrollment Application – EOI – Online  

Group Term Life Other Change & Service Forms

Humana Life Group Term Life Conversion Instructions
Humana Life Portability Coverage Form
Humana Waiver of Premium Form
Humana Death Claim Form

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