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          The Decatur County School System offers their employees many options in regards to insurance coverage. We offer Group Term Life Insurance,  AD&D,  Whole Life,  Short Term Disability,  Long Term Disability &  Dental & Vision.  You may purchase any of these plans of insurance as a new employee or during Open Enrollment each year. These plans will be payroll deducted from your check each month.

          We discuss each coverage further using the tab links on this page. Should you have any questions, please contact the Agent under the link Agent. The Links will give you more information on each specific type of insurance coverage that you may be interested in obtaining.

Employee Benefit Elections

    Group Term Life Insurance

  • Group Term Life Insurance allows you to protect yourself and family with the least expensive type of insurance, or called Mortality Insurance or Term Life Insurance. This Policy will continue as long as you are empolyed by the Decatur County School System.

    Coverage is guaranteed up to $150,000 or 7 times your salary for new employees. Your Spouse will be guaranteed to $50,000 without an exam, and children between 6 months to Age  26 will be provided $15,000 Term Benefit for $3.00 a month for all children.

    Whole Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance is provided by Transamerica Benefits. This Plan allows you to purchase Permanent or Long lasting (Whole Life Type) coverage. You may purchase $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000 of Whole Life Life Coverage. This will allow you to lock in your rate for Life, and the policy is portable, so you can take the policy with you when you leave employment or retire. Please see ages for GIO

    Coverage is available for the Employee, Spouse & Children. Premiums will be payroll deducted monthly. New Employees can apply within 30 days of employment or current employees may apply during Open Enrollment.

    Sensible Benefits Life Insurance

    Whole Life Insurance is provided by Sensible Benefits – Transamerica Insurance Company. These Plans allow you to purchase Permanent Long lasting (Whole Life Type) coverage. You may purchase $15,000, up to $100,000 of Life Coverage.

    Coverage is available for the Employee, Spouse & Children. Children 6months -25 can get their on  Life Policy – You may place a Child Term Rider for $10,000 for $2.50 per month and keep to Age 25. tPremiums will be payroll deducted or EFT monthly. New Employees can apply within 30 days of employment or current employees may apply during Open Enrollment.

  • Accidental Death Insurance (AD&D)

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance is available to employees from $50,000 to $500,000 in Benefit. You may also purchase coverage for your Spouse up to 50% of the amount you choose for yourself. Premiums are very affordable.

    Accidental Death Insurance pays in addition to any Life Insurance you may purchase, and will also provide benefits for loss of limbs (Dismemberment).

    Short Term Disability Insurance

  • Short Term Disability is available to New Employees Guaranteed Issue up to $2,166.66 a month benefit without medical underwriting. You may select your benefit from the table provided on the site, and complete medical questions for any amount over $2,166.66 a month benefit.

    If you are a current employee and your salary changes during the year, you may increase benefits a during open enrollment, up to $2,166.66. You may do this each open enrollment without underwriting. Coverage is provided for up to 6 months benefit with 0 waiting period for Accidents & Hospital stays, and a 7 day waiting period for sickness.

    Long Term Disability Insurance

  • Long Term Disability provides long lasting catospheric insurance in the event you are disabled for over 6 months up to Age 65. Benefits are provided at 66 2/3% of your Salary after a 6 month waiting period, and benefits will last up to Age 65.

    Long Term Disability is very valuable coverage at a very low group cost.

    Dental Reimbursement

  • Dental Reimbursement provides coverage of 100% of the 1st $150.00 in a calender year, then 50% of the next $1,200 of charges to a Max Benefit of $750.00 per year per person insured.

    Dental reimbursement check will be paid weekly to insureds through the mail. If your claim form is into the Central Office by Monday at 4:30PM, then your check for that week will be paid by Thursday of the same week.

     Vision Insurance

    • Vision Coverage is provided by Avesis and has benefits up to the limit on the brochure.
      See Brochure for more details.

      Your vision health is an important part of complete wellness. Avesis is pleased to present your vision benefits which are designed to give you and your covered family members the care, value and service to help maintain good vision and overall health.

      In-Network Benefits

      Benefit Frequency

      Vision Exam               12 Months
      Spectacle Lenses       12 Months
      Frames                        24 Months
      Contact Lenses           12 Months


      Vision Examination   $10.00
      Materials                      $10.00


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