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The Decatur County School System offers their employee’s, Voluntary Long Term Disability Benefits with a waiting period of 6 months (180 days) for a injury or sicknessThese benefits may last up to age 65 or by schedule if older.

The Policy also include other features such as Continuity of Coverage, 3 Month Survivor Benefit & a 30/5 Pre-existing & Waiver of Premium. To Find your benefits, multiply your monthly earnings by 66 2/3%, The Maximum Monthly Benefit is $7,500 Please see Summary of Insurance below for definitions.

Benefits start at a minimum of $100 a month and may go up to $7,500 a month based on your salary. (Please see chart for Salary & Premiums).

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Long Term Disability Forms

Long Term Disability Application Online  
Long Term Disability Application with EOI Form
Long Term Disability Policy

Long Term Disability Claim Form
Long Term Disability Waiver Form

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