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    Symetra Life – ( Universal Life ) is a payroll deducted program provided by your employer so that you may purchase Whole Life type coverage while you are working and have the premiums deducted from your payroll check. You may design your policy to fit your needs such as Benefit amount and Premium Level. You may also change these benefits from time to time as you need.

     You may purchase a policy on yourself, Spouse, Children & others as long as you have an insurable interest. Your policy will build up values and long term life insurance. Benefits can be set up in addition to any other Life Insurance you have with DCBOE. There is no limit such a 7 times salary to satisfy. You may apply as an employee up to $100,000 of coverage under simplified underwriting.This will also apply to a Spouse and or Children.

      Your policy will be based on your current age, unisex rates, ( Montana State) if using Online Quoting, smoker or nonsmoker and the amount of coverage you wish along with the length of premium payments. Contact me for a Specific proposal just for you! e-mail: georgedanieljr@gmail.com

                         Symetra Life – 877-796-3872

Why not purchase a Permanent Life Policy now at your current age rather than waiting until you retire! The cost would be much less now, than when you retire from 55-65! If you start now, you can keep the same premium at your current age for life and your coverage will be guaranteed to Age 120. We include the Accelerated Terminal Illness Rider & The Long Term Care Rider in this policy along with a $10,000 Saftey Benefit.

If you are a Symetra Financial Policyholder you may contact them at 877-796-3872.  Symetra will send you an annual report of all payments and values each year!

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Symetra Life Children’s Term Life Application
Symetra Universal Life Application – Online  

Symetra Life – Change Forms
Symetra Life – Billing Change Form Request
Symetra Life – Change of Beneficiary Form Request
Symetra Life – Life Brochure
Symetra Life – New Teachers Cover for UL Life

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  1. Dan1257 August 15, 2012 12:46 pm

    If you use the Quote On Line to look at different premiums and rates, make sure to use the Unisex Rate – under the state – USE MONTANA – Do not use Georgia for the State, Use Montana

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